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You shall NEVER lose your personal belongings again❗️

7.land_super slim HERE with credit card.jpg

0.9mm Thickness

Ultra-Thin USB-C

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Worldwide tracking by Apple FindMy App

Left Behind Reminder (1).jpg

Slimca HERE: A Tracker as Thin as a Credit offers four major convenience features:

  1. Precise Global Positioning: Locate your lost items anytime, anywhere.

  2. Notification When Wallet is Out of Range: Receive alerts when your wallet is left behind.

  3. Fits in the Space of a Credit Card: Ultra-thin design for easy portability.

  4. Charges Once Every Five Months: Long battery life, no need for frequent charging.

Additionally, the Slimca HERE boasts three world-first features:

  1. Ultra-Thin USB-C Connector: Supports standard USB-C cables, environmentally friendly and waste-free.

  2. 0.9mm Thickness: The same size as a credit card, incredibly thin.

  3. 15-Degree Bendable Design: Durable and flexible, won’t break in your wallet.

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