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How is Slimca’s battery life?

Slimca uses a lithium-ion battery(the battery lifespan decreases over time), that has been customized to enable the Slimca Voice Recorder to achieve its thinness. The battery life is 365 days on standby and approximately180 min on a full charge. It needs to be recharged after 180 min continuous recording.

How can I check Slimca’s battery life?

The battery life is 365 days on standby and approximately 180 min on a full charge.

You can check the battery life on Slimca APP.

How much memory capacity does Slimca’s have?

Slimca’s memory size differs depending on two factors.

1. If Slimca is not synced to your smartphone directly after ending the recording, you are still able to record up to 168 hours of data before the internal memory is full.

2. If Slimca is synced to your smartphone following the recording, the recording capacity depends on the availability of your smartphone’s free memory space.


How to charge Slimca’s battery?

Slimca recorder comes with a magnet USB charging cable.


Does Slimca recorder get hot when I’m using it?

Slimca recorder won’t get hot when it’s in use, but it will slightly get hot when you charge its battery and when you transfer the recording data from the recorder to APP.


What is Slimca recorder made of? Is it easily damaged?

Slimca’s frame and covers are made of 304 stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance and tensile strength. The cover is coated 12 times to make the color appear clear and luxurious. The Slimca voice recorder currently comes in three colors (Black, Silver, and pink), and the black and pink card covers are easier to maintain than the silver ones.


Does Slimca recorder work without internet access?

Slimca recorder can record sounds without the internet, and wireless syncing works through WIFI to your smartphone APP. For detailed information, please check SLIMCA APP Instruction on our website.


How is Slimca’s recording quality?

Slimca uses a dual-loop microphone boost circuit design, which helps to capture and amplify the recorded sounds. That enables the user to extend the recording distance up to 8-meter, double that of a smartphone.


Does Slimca record a lot of noise?

When you store Slimca recorder in a wallet, it supports an 8-meter wide pickup range. However, the same as other recorders on the market, it may unavoidably record noise from the surrounding environment. We continue to improve and upgrade Slimca’s recording quality, currently, you can find a noise-canceling solution here:


How can I store it out of sight to protect myself?

Slimca is the thinnest voice recorder on the current market and with its ability to record from inside a pocket or wallet, it makes it an excellent choice for personal protection. Slimca’s credit card size makes it easy to hide out of sight, and the single-touch recording activation enables the user to start recording potential evidence of physical and psychological violence, discretely and quickly. Able to record sounds clearly up to 8 meters away, Slimca gives users the ability to take back power.

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