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Slimca HERE

Reclaiming a lost wallet is a painful process! Slimca Here adds a Finder feature to your wallet, allowing you to track it using Apple's built-in Find My App. It takes up only as much space as a credit card, ensuring your wallet stays slim and sleek!


Embracing sustainability, Slimca Here introduces an ultra-thin rechargeable system compatible with USB-C. No need for wasteful disposal when the power runs out – simply recharge with ease using a standard USB-C cable.


Super slim USB-C connector

In Slimca V1, we used a magnetic charging connector, which allowed us to achieve a thickness similar to a credit card. However, the magnetic charging cable was not compatible with other devices. Therefore, based on the USB-C standard specification, we specially designed the Slimca USB-C connector. This connector is not only ultra-thin (0.7mm), but it is also compatible with standard USB-C cables.



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What is the Apple Find My network?

The Apple Find My network is a crowdsourced network of hundreds of millions of Apple devices that use Bluetooth wireless technology to detect missing devices or items nearby, and report their approximate location back to the owner using the Find My™ app on iPhone®, iPad®, Mac®, iPod touch®, or the Find Items app on Apple Watch®. The entire process is end-to-end encrypted and anonymous, so no one else, not even Apple or the third-party manufacturer, can view a device’s location or information. 

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Design details

The backside of Slimce Here is coated with a specially formulated soft coating on stainless steel, combining the reliability of stainless steel with a comfortable touch. The frame is crafted from stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish, and then gold-plated, creating a dazzling and sturdy appearance. All electronic components are carefully selected for their ultra-thin specifications. In fact, all materials used in Slimca Here are specifically designed to be ultra-thin, enabling it to be half the thickness of its competitors, achieving a thickness similar to that of a credit card. Its premium design exudes a striking and luxurious aesthetic, departing from the typical plastic feel associated with electronic products. Furthermore, we have taken price considerations into account during the design process, ensuring the avoidance of expensive components.



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Jerry Lin
Founder and Engineer of Taiwan-Based Lab Eatalot

Products developed by him have been exhibited multiple times at CES, the largest trade show in the United States. In May 2020, he formed the Slimca development team with the goal of creating a recorder more convenient than mobile apps. In the Taiwanese crowdfunding campaign in the fall of 2021, he achieved support of approximately 16 million yen in Japanese currency. Received the Innovation Award at CES 2023.

Hironari Minami
Slimca Product Designer

After graduating from the Product Design department at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, he became independent in 2011. He is involved in various aspects of product creation, from design to manufacturing and sales, with three business entities: "HIROMINAMI. DESIGN" which handles the design of metal and home appliances, "Arulcan Product" which plans, designs, manufactures, and sells its own products, and "Hao! Ta!wan" which imports and sells excellent design goods from Taiwan.

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Be the First to Explore Slimca Here

What Appeals to You?
SLIMCA 1080 × 1080 (1).png

Complete the survey to receive a launch notification. The first 100 respondents will receive an RFID Blocker on Kickstarter Deals

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