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With HERE, you'll never lose track again. 

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The best friend of wallets...

Hey there, have you ever lost something important and felt absolutely devastated? We've all been there. But what about losing your wallet? It's not just the money you lose, but also your credit cards and IDs that need to be replaced, which is not only upsetting but also a painful process.

Slimca HERE :

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Hello everyone, I'm Jerry, the founder of Slimca. Slimca is a collaborative product between several Taiwanese engineers and Japanese designers. 

Slimca's first product is currently the thinnest WiFi recorder in the world, measuring 0.08 inches. It aims to enhance everyone's memory capacity. 

Slimca Here is our second designed product, which is currently the thinnest tracker in the world, measuring 0.0354 inches. It is designed to fit into the space of just one credit card, allowing you to use your phone to find your wallet.


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